Accredited Training


Accredited Training




Through our Registered Training Organisation Spice Training #40914, we can provide a number of nationally accredited training courses including the below:

BSB50215 – Diploma of Business
RII30115 – Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations
RII30815 – Certificate III in Civil Construction Plan Operations
RII40215 – Certificate IV in Surface Coal Mining (Open Cut Examiner)

We also provide specifically tailored short term courses for clients in the following aspects:
1. Standard 11 Mining Induction
2. High-Risk Licenses
3. G189 (formally S123) Site Supervisor Course
4. RIIRIS402D – Carry out the risk management process – G2
5. RIIRIS601D – Establish and maintain the risk management systems – G3
6. RIIWHS601D – Establish and maintain the WHS management system – G7
7. Machinery RIIs – FULL Pathway Training and RPL Training
8. First Aid Training

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Standard 11 Mining Induction




The Standard 11 Mining Induction Training, commonly known as the Generic Induction (GI) Course, is an essential requirement for new workers who are looking to work in coal mines. The 2-day course is specifically designed to equip all eligible workers with the ability to cope with mining operations, both in terms of knowledge and skills. It is also meant to raise awareness about the health and safety hazards that exist in a mining environment.

The programme provides training as well as assessment for the Resources and Infrastructure Industry Units of Competency as specified by Standard 11 of the Training in Coal Mines (Old Coal Mining Safety and Health Act) of 1999. It intends to familiarize workers with the atmosphere and operations within a coal mining site. Some of the aspects in the mining industry regarding which the course educates workers to include general safety, risk management, legislation, environment, the workflow and processes, isolation and tagging procedures, emergency procedures, lifesaving first aid, management of hazards in the workplace and fire fighting/prevention.

The GI course that we provide covers the following 6 National Units of Competency required to meet the specifications of Standard 11. Each of these 6 competencies will be rendered in the form of modules.

1. RIIRIS201D – Conduct local risk control

2. RIICOM201D – Communicate in the workplace

3. RIIGOV201D – Comply with site work processes/procedures

4. RIIERR205D – Apply initial response first aid

5. RIIWHS201D – Work safely and follow WHS policies and procedures

6. RIIERR302D – Respond to local emergencies and incidents

For clean skins going into the mining sector, this course is conducted over the duration of 2 days which participants will be required to complete theory and practical assessments.  Refresher and RPL training is also available, please conduct us for a pre-screening test to assess your current skill set. On successful completion of the training, the participants will be issued with a Statement of Attainment.


Training & Education Services



We are specialists in the facilitation of innovative, engaging and memorable training and education programs that are tailored to your needs anywhere in the world.

Our team develops highly skilled ‘game-changing’ learning programs that continue to challenge how companies think about value, application and the role of training.

We specialise in:

1. Additional learning and development services include workforce capability planning, system design and needs analysis, design and delivery and effectiveness monitoring and auditing.

2. Development, mapping and delivery of Training and Assessment packages

3. Delivery of accredited training in core skills for client industries

4. Undertaking Training Needs Analysis and development of specific action plans

5. Project Management of organisational training & development systems

6. Development of Competency-based Training and Assessment systems

7. Undertaking Training Needs Analysis, Gap Analysis and Effectiveness Audits

8. Development of Corporate and Site Specific Induction, Supervisory, Leadership and Topical training programs

9. Design of structured learning management plans and strategies

10. Development of Training Standards, Systems and support documents; and

11. Coaching and Mentoring of onsite training personnel.

We believe it is important to tailor training programs in any discipline to the specific needs of the industry, job roles and the company. We recognise the importance of understanding the objectives of the business, the end goal, budget and target audiences to ensure that the training is a great success.

Advanced Solutions offers a wide range of ready to apply training programs, designed to provide participants with a wealth of effective and efficient skills and experience, including:

1. Overall work-life health and fitness (understanding the impact of drugs, alcohol, fatigue or other physiological and psychological factors on work)

2. Mental health and wellness

3. Application of risk assessment techniques

4. Leadership and management (across all levels of management)

5. Legal obligations and implications

6. Essential administration and generic life skills (including time management, presentation skills, conflict management, reporting and the like)

We offer advanced learning and development programs incorporating both conventional learning techniques, as well as game-based techniques to keep the participants engaged and motivated to learn. With the help of high-quality and compliant learning materials, activities and our enthusiastic and qualified team of facilitators, we provide business professionals with the opportunity to learn, develop and grow.

All training courses involve assessment techniques that are specifically tailored to the clients’ needs and requirements including theoretical sessions, practical sessions, RPL as well as online and combinations of these.

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