Risk Management Services



Risk is almost inevitable in the mining industry. However, any kind of risk, big or small if managed effectively can be made much less dangerous. According to the latest ISO Guideline pertaining to the mining industry, risk is “the effect of uncertainty on objectives”. Being a definition from a broad perspective, it is important to understand that the term entails a wide range of aspects.
Fortunately, our team of professionals are well aware and knowledgeable about the various dimensions of risks associated with mining. At the same time, they also know the importance of using specific risk management tools that help gauge the severity and impact level of different kinds of risks to a great extent. From geotechnical to ecological, the ASG group is capable of analysing risks from different perspectives and coming up with practical solutions in managing the same.

We provide a wide range of risk management services including facilitation of risk workshops, the application of an extensive range of qualitative, semi-qualitative or quantitative analysis techniques, the establishment and implementation of risk management systems mapped to ISO31000, and training in risk management techniques and system effectiveness.

In all cases, our goal is to equip all mine workers with the ability to handle mining risks efficiently, by carefully identifying, analysing and mitigating issues to manageable levels.

Some of our risk management services include:

  • Ecological risk assessment
  • Technical and economic risk analysis
  • Fault-tree analysis
  • Risk assessment workshops
  • Reliability analysis for earthly structures
  • Event tree analysis

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