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When it comes to safety and health in the mining industry, there are numerous guidelines prescribed by different authorities to be followed.

Needless to say, it is thanks to these guidelines that there has been a significant reduction in the number of accidents and hazards in mining over the past few years. We understand just how important it is to protect and secure the lives of mining workers, not just from a legal standpoint but also from a personal standpoint.
From blasting to pumping to cleaning, no matter what the job is the gases and other pollutants in the mining atmosphere can harm workers in many ways. Our professionals are capable of educating clients on how to protect their workers, equipment as well as mines from such hazardous scenarios.

Additionally, we also ensure that our clients and their businesses are fully compliant with all safety and security standards prescribed for the mining industry.

We work with clients to review and develop management systems that are compliant with country legislation, industry legislation, guidance notes, and other regulatory requirements, including International Standards: ISO14001, ISO9001 and others. Additionally, we provide comprehensive strategic leadership coaching and mentoring to client management teams in their obligations and legislative requirements.

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